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Benefits Realisation through Change Management

Successful organisations continually examine and improve their performance and cost drivers. Management needs to be sure the operating model, accountabilities framework, governance structures, and productivity management are optimised and aligned to each other and to the three to five year outlook.

Improve outcomes from business transformation.

Improve asset productivity and reduce operating costs.

Improve governance, risk and controls.

Increase productivity from knowledge assets.

Increase team performance.

Increase management accountability.

Describe, define, and capture the business architecture (digital twin).

Business process improvement.

Training and education for managers and business analysts.

Business Concepts and Models

A successful conversation starts with a common understanding of the frameworks, variables, and drivers influencing the conversation.

This includes everything from business and strategy planning, business transformation, to process mapping and documenting procedures.

At Sixfootfour we don’t make it up. Our consulting is underpinned by proven frameworks and business models.

Change Management

The business consultant cannot change the business. Only the business can change the business.

We work with the managers and staff to cause them to enlist in, and own, the change program.

This ensures the outcomes sought are, realised, embedded and sustainable.

The Manager's Kitbag

Sometimes you don’t need consultants crawling all over your business. All you want is some tools and techniques to get you on your way.

We have a kitbag of simple tools and techniques to stimulate conversation and accelerate change in the business.

Stakeholder Management

Stakeholder management is a critical component to the successful delivery of any project, programme or change activity. A priority outcome needs to be the development of the stakeholders as the human capital of the business.

We will work with the transformation team to evaluate, manage, and measure how and which stakeholders are impacted by the program and how they, in turn, will impact the change program. This will include crafting messages appropriate to the stakeholder group and choosing the right medium for the message.

Selected Service Offering

Business Process Improvement

It’s critical to know how the processes flow through a business. Sixfootfour specialises in helping companies understand their business processes from the value chain to the process step and all the associated dependencies.

Business Process Improvement

Our business process management methodology is specifically designed to build understanding and competency in the discipline of process mapping and improvement including:

  • Value chain and value stream mapping
  • Customer journey maps
  • Process mapping
  • Understanding base data
  • Defining business requirements
  • Understanding the management of process
  • Defining the future state process
  • Building the business case for change
  • Implementing change

Business Outcome Management

One of the most difficult tasks for any manager is the execution of strategy. This task is made more difficult when senior management do not have a common understanding of the ‘end game’ and disagree on how the strategic outcomes will be achieved and measured.

Working with your team, Sixfootfour will develop your business plan in a manner that resolves the above barriers.


Business Outcome Management

The business plan will be diagrammatically presented in the form of a ‘Benefits Realisation RoadMap’ detailing the complete set of initiatives, risks and expected benefits that make up the plan. It will provide management with a visual representation of the business plan, prepared at a level of detail appropriate to their operational needs. Once the team has agreed the ‘picture’, then the documents that are required to support the execution of the plan can be prepared.

The supporting documents will detail accountability and responsibility for the achievement of the outcomes and the initiatives. They will also determine the high level project plan that should be followed to achieve the outcomes and mitigate identified risks.

The objective is to create a team that has:

  • * A common understanding of the issues facing the business
  • * A common understanding of the end game and outcomes that must be achieved
  • * Ownership of a focused and inclusive business plan
  • * Understanding of the impact of changes to the scope of the program

Education and Training

To ensure change is sustainable, the consultant should never be anything more than the catalyst for change. This helps keep costs down and ensures business improvements are sustainable.

Our college offers tailored training for all stakeholders involved in the business improvement journey.


Business Alignment

Typically a company will adopt one of three models when engaging external expertise:

1. Have the consultant do it to them
2. Have the consultant do it with them
3. Have the consultant do it through them

Our training solution focuses on options 2 and 3 as they enable the student to actively engage with the transformation journey – at their own pace.

Courses include:

  • Business planning and strategy development
  • Business process improvement
  • Customer value management / customer journey maps
  • Productivity management
  • Stakeholder management and communications
  • Management accountability models
  • The business operating model
  • Information management
  • Change management

To assist participants to receive the maximum value from a course we adopt a flexible approach to the delivery of the material. Students can elect to attend a pre-packaged public course where the curriculum is set or work with us to ‘mix & match’ our courseware to create a unique program which will be delivered in a private session.

As an extension to the above and to support the transfer for skills to client staff we offer a six month program that seamlessly integrates the different courses into a cohesive business improvement program. This program includes face to face lectures and ‘on the job’ coaching and consulting support.

Change Management

Change becomes sustainable when the ‘organisational trauma’ caused by the change program is managed and minimised.

This requires that the depth and width of the change curve are managed to ensure the trough is not so deep (change is too complex) that the organisation cannot come out of it or that the width (scope of change) is so wide that the organisation cannot successfully get to the ‘other side’ (complete the change program).


Change Management

Our organisational change will deliver:

  • Business benefit realisation plans
  • Change governance structures
  • A business impact analysis
  • A stakeholder impact analysis
  • Targeted communications
  • A focused change calendar
  • Training programs

Change is successful when line management owns the change. This will be our key deliverable.

The Sixfootfour Difference

We don’t claim to introduce new management concepts, but we are confident you will find our approach to be new and refreshing.

Our education program can be summarised as “turning theory into practice”. The focus of each course is on the “what, why and how”. At the end of the course, students will know
how to do it“, not just “what to do.

Been there, done that
Our methodology is based on proven business techniques:

  • We don’t make it up. Our consulting is underpinned by proven frameworks and business models.
  • It is considered, practical, but best practice by the market.
  • Refined over thirty years of working on projects.
  • We take our commitments extremely seriously. It is never just another gig.
For Managers
.We work with the management team to deliver tangible, sustainable change.

The focus is on outcomes. Achieving something, not doing something.

This can include:

  • Building practical business plans.
  • Defining, leading and delivering transformation and change programs.
  • Embedding elevated levels of management accountability.
  • Driving productivity improvements.
  • Teaching you to “speak analyst” – understand the language of change.
For the Business Analyst
Sixfootfour will coach and mentor your business analysts to improve their skill set and their impact on the business.

This includes providing them with:

  • Practical, repeatable business improvement methodologies.
  • The enhanced tools and techniques they need to be effective in their role.
  • Strategies and training to enhance their credibility with their stakeholders.

About Garth Holloway

Sixfootfour is a boutique business consultancy owned and managed by Garth Holloway. 

Projects are delivered by Garth and associates.

For more than two decades, Garth has helped numerous organisations across multiple sectors resolve challenging business transformation issues and optimise their performance through cultural and structural change. He applies a human centric approach to solving problems and implementing change because engaging customers and employees is pivotal to sustainable organisational success.

He engages with senior executives to enable them to clearly understand the underlying issues facing their businesses, focus their attention on the top priorities, put problems into perspective, and guide them through the processes needed to devise the most effective strategies.

He understands that improving management practice, optimising business process, and enhancing information flows are the keys to enabling organisations to increase their return on capital employed and increase the dividends from their information assets.

Garth is highly resilient, excels in high pressure environments, rapidly foresee issues, challenges and problems, and address them before they escalate.

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Recent projects from the Sixfootfour portfolio

Design and Capture of a New Operating model

The objective of the transformation program was to migrate the services business from two separate construction companies and consolidate them into a single organisation with revenues of $4b.

Sixfootfour was engaged to work with the key stakeholders to lead the conversation to define and capture the operating model.

The scope included the intersection between management accountabilities and decision rights, business process, policy, and the organisation chart.

The project matured into ‘business as usual’ and was handed over to line management.

Change Management for IT Global Transformation Program

The objective of the program was to outsource the telecommunications and IT Infrastructure whilst simultaneously introducing a new ICT operating model, best practices in service management, and a new asset management model. The project scope included 160 offices in 42 countries across all time zones.

Sixfootfour was engaged to deliver the global organisation change management methodology and strategy. This included driving cultural change, stakeholder management, implementing scorecards, and delivering a multifaceted program of structured communications.

Global Change Manager for Property Group

Sixfootfour was engaged by the finance team of a global property services company to:

  • Model the business architecture to support benchmarking by division.
  • Support the implementation of a shared services model.
  • Improve business reporting.
  • Introduce standardisation across all divisions.
  • Introduce service level agreements.
  • Support the implementation and extension of enterprise technologies across Australia and Europe.

The project matured into ‘business as usual’ and was handed over to line management.

Selected Others

Designed, developed and implemented a training program for a large telecommunications company. The objective of the training was to transition the managed services technicians from delivering narrow technical projects to business solutions.

Directed the turnaround of a large 3PL warehouse for a logistics company. The project mapped and analysed business processes to rapidly identify the loss-making activities and delivered recommendations that directly resulted in a multimillion-dollar saving within three weeks.

Successfully resolved a substantial change management problem within a tier-one law firm. The project introduced stability and transformed a hostile working environment into a collaborative one and streamlined the service for integration into the firm’s wider global ‘go-to-market’ strategy.

Delivering Digital Transformation

Sixfootfour has worked with a wide range of organisations that includes banks (national and international), selected NSW state government departments, and a number of a ASX top 200 companies to describe and implement a digital twin of the organisation.

The projects were delivered in partnership with the various technology companies.

Outcomes include automated processing, cost reduction, improved customer service, and improved staff retention.

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